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Sally Rangier, Lake Elsinore,CA

"I had never made a claim for Workers Compensation benefits before so I was a little nervous how it would impact my job. The Roger Little was able to secure my injured worker benefits with out having to hassle with the insurance company myself.After my treatment was over they were also able to get me a nice settlement so I  could move on with my life."

Georgia Pubbs, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I fully endorse Law Firm of Roger Littles.The communication I experienced went beyond my expectations. I didn't always get them on the phone as they would be helping other clients but they always returned my calls that same day. They were n also available by texts and emails. I could ask them questions without feeling like I was bugging them. That gave me a lot of peace of mind because I didn't have any experience with a Workers Comp claim. "

Jon Meister, Menifee, CA

I was badly hurt on the job and I didn't have the energy to fight the system. The WC doctors wanted me to go back to work before I was able. Still in a lot of pain. My friend said she had The Law Office of Roger Little handle her WC case. I called the office. They took me right in. The staff was knowledgeable and very nice to work with. They set  me up with a doctor who actually cared. I did get the treatment I needed as the Law Firm went to bat for me many times. I am happy with the outcome my case."


Lela Miller Temecula, CA

"When I really needed a good team in my corner, the Staff was there. Their ability to work together to get the results I needed was nothing short of exemplary."

About Us

About Roger Little


Roger A. Little is the lead attorney and owner of our law office. He has over 40 years of experience in Workers Compensation Law serving both sides of cases. With 30 years service as a defense attorney, which means he knows how the other side operates. 5 years ago he intentionally switched to the applicants side. Roger brings immense success, perspective and quality representation to each and every case.  

Roger handles cases carefully and effectively, working closely with the office staff to build your case and to represent you well. His clear and effective communication with his clients gives you, as a client, the knowledge needed to have the power to affect the outcome of your case. 

Roger’s diligent attention to detail allows him to give you the best outcome for your case. His experience gives him invaluable perspective and expertise on each case he works on, which empowers him to settle quickly and efficiently and to get you the money that your case is worth.  Roger’s care for the work that he does combined with care for his clients makes him one of the best workers’ compensation attorneys in Southern California. Roger truly cares about each of his clients and wants the best outcome for each case. He has a life-long reputation of integrity, honesty and sincerity in both personal and professional life, which gives you confidence that you will be represented well. 

· 30 years of experience working on the other side (insider-outsider)

o Knows how the other side thinks, what they will do

o Consciously chose to move to the applicant’s side

· A solid reputation as a straight-shooter with everyone in the industry

· A teacher’s ability to clearly and effectively convey information

· An honest,  trustworthy, relaxed, knowledgeable demeanor

· From the perspective of the client:

o The power to affect what’s going on

o The ability to give them that power



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